Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello America! It's a new kind of ad agency!

America’s Web-Based Advertising Agency launched

AdShopUSA, LLC has been launched in response to faltering client advertising and the latest trend of media downsizing. With talented media, advertising and marketing personnel recently losing their positions in great percentages; it's time to get displaced experts back to doing something they enjoy and personalize the media experience for clients again.

AdShopUSA is here to give a renewed spirit to businesses that have consistently advertised and are feeling the pinch from media layoffs - both at the agency and local media levels. Whether clients are losing account reps they loved; aren't feeling client service is as good as it once was; are receiving less than stellar results due to lackluster creative; or just need a change, it's time for someone to step up and help them. Enter ... AdShopUSA.

Since AdShopUSA is a non-brick and mortar agency, there are less overhead costs. Therefore, in addition to bringing client service back, AdShopUSA is able to pass immense savings on to clients and give them high quality, consistent branding tools to promote their business. AdShopUSA will not charge retainer fees and has several money-saving offers for clients who sign one-year agency/client agreements.

For additional information on working with AdShopUSA as a client or independent contractor in your market, visit, contact them at 419-830-0500 or